A New Concept

The Cinematic Book or cBook brings the best of the written word and film together in an exciting new concept, set to disrupt the publishing space! Imagine a product where you can access a character’s back story, inner thoughts and motivations but additionally you can see and hear the people, locations and action with the immediacy of a film. With a cBook you follow the story by reading a chapter and then watch a film clip and continuing with this sequence to the end. Ultimately the reader/viewer is left with a totally rounded reading and viewing experience.

The cBook launched on 12 October 2017 and is available from all e-book platforms.


The cBook Team

Nick Fletcher

Scriptwriter, Producer and Director of Monsoon Tide and Creator of the cBook concept

Nick wrote the original screenplay for  Monsoon Tide as well as producing and directing the film. He originated the concept of cBook when he was filming in Kerala and discussing back stories and motivations with the actors.

Elsa Evripidou

Producer and Script Editor of
the film Monsoon Tide,
Author of the cBook

As the producer and script editor of the film Monsoon Tide, Elsa already had a deep understanding of the story. She took on the role of writing the cBook chapters using Nick’s original script as a basis but also adding her own original content.

Stephen Croson

Producer and Director
of the film
Monsoon Tide

Stephen worked as the producer and director of the film Monsoon Tide.   He has been actively involved in the development of the cBook offering constructive insight during the whole process.

What IS a cBook?

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