Can I make my movie into a cBook?

Well the short answer is, that provided you have all the rights, then yes you can. However, before you embark on the cBook journey, there are a few points to consider before you decide if this is the right path for you.
Here are some questions to ponder.
1. Is my film the right genre for a cBook? If yours is an action movie or a horror film full of jump frights, then interrupting the action with written chapters may well reduce rather than enhance the audience experience.
2. Is your movie character led? Would the audience benefit from understanding more about the characters’ motivations and their innermost thoughts? The cBook can enrich the audience experience by getting inside the heads of your characters and giving people a deeper understanding of the story.
3. Is your film a documentary? We think this category of film would be ideal as a cBook. Imagine, for example, reading about an elite sportsperson’s state of mind in the run up to an event and then seeing the action unfold in film format. The cBook allows you to convey much more information than a typical documentary but also allows you to view edge of your seat action that a conventional book could not offer
4. Is your film aimed at children? We have had a very positive reaction to the concept of cBooks from the teaching community who feel that this may be a vehicle to tempt reluctant readers into the literary world. Could part of the action be conveyed in a written format? Could you take your film into a different direction by adding chapters?

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5. Is yours an instructional film? If yes, then the cBook is an ideal format for you. What you show in your film can be reinforced and taken further by having accompanying written information.
6. Finally, and most importantly, can you find a suitable person to write the chapters? This could be the original script writer and in many ways this is a good solution as they are the most familiar with the story. However, not every script writer is necessarily comfortable writing prose. We would advise that the person who does the writing, where possible, works collaboratively with the original script writer so that the end product is in keeping with the essence and style of the original film. In the case of Monsoon Tide, the written chapters were the work of the film’s script editor and the writing was done with feedback from the original script writer.

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